Saturday, December 10, 2011

The American Liberty Primer

  Have you ever wished you knew more about American history but never had the time? In less than 150 pages, the American Liberty Primer will give you a concise, yet profound glimpse at American history from the founding of our country to the Civil War. It is now exclusively available on Kindle, and is offered FREE to Amazon Prime members. Click here to order or view a portion of the book: .

  The American Liberty Primer is organized into a series of essays on the following topics that document the course of not just American history, but of American Liberty.

Preface: What is American Liberty?
Chapter 1: How the Revolution was Nearly Lost After it Was Won
Chapter 2:  Did America Become More Democratic?
Chapter 3: How the North and South Became Two Separate Cultures
Chapter 4: The Democratization of American Religion
Chapter 5: History of the Baptists and How they Shaped America
Chapter 6: The Truth About Abraham Lincoln
Chapter 7: America's Quest for Liberty
Chapter 8: How the Local Church has been Beheaded


Savories of Life said...

would you like to do a giveaway of your book? If so let me know on my blog by the 10th of may

Dianna said...

Dear Bryce--I am so very excited to just learn that I won the two Civil War Books for my Jesse--I am so grateful and honored to have these for him---You keep up the great works thast you are doing-- always -- Dianna

Rosebud said...

Keep up the good work! Awesome blog.